Boost your skin

High-tech skin care series inspired by new research findings, own experiences and traditional Swedish home remedies.

Therapeutic dose

When we say that our products contain active substances, we naturally use the amount of the substance that research says is required to have an effect. Our products always contain the recommended therapeutic dose.

Vegan products

Our products contain 85-100% natural/organic ingredients. All products are basically 100% vegan, except for 2 products that contain beeswax which is not considered by some to be completely vegan. We do not use parabens or mineral oils.

Made in Sweden

YR is a Swedish brand with its roots deeply rooted in Swedish soil and in Swedish nature. All products are manufactured in Sweden. Most of the ingredients we use can be found on a hike in our forests, fields and mountains.

YR Skincare for men

Our products are gender neutral, both in fragrance and function, and work just as well on men as on women.


We are now selling out of outgoing series. Be sure to find a bargain!

YR Skincare

YR Skincare is a natural/organic and high-quality skin care range created with the aim of actively strengthening the beauty that nature has already given you. The skin – our body’s largest organ – is affected to the same degree by how you feel on the inside, as how you take care of the outside.

Produkterna i våra hudvårdsserier är utvecklade av Yvonne tillsammans med svenska laboratorier och tillverkare. Målet har alltid varit att skapa en prisvärd serie med recept som utgörs till huvuddelen av naturliga ingredienser och aktiva ämnen.

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