Made in Sweden

Made in Sweden

YR is a Swedish brand with its roots deeply rooted in Swedish soil and in Swedish nature. All products are manufactured in Sweden. Most of the ingredients we use can be found on a hike in our forests, fields and mountains. Up here in the north, we are blessed with clean air and clean water, as well as a healthy and naturally well-preserved environment around the corner.

Natural high tech

Natural High tech describes the formula we have worked with since the beginning 25 years ago: Modern utilization of classic ingredients from the plant kingdom that are good for the skin. The main part thrives around the house knot, in the forest, on the plains and in the mountains here in Sweden. We also supply active ingredients from other corners of the world and from our oceans. The combination becomes a high-tech skin care series inspired by new research findings, own experiences and traditional Swedish home remedies.

We are proud of our products

Skin friendly

The products have the same pH value as the skin (pH 5.5), which makes them very skin-friendly. They have a unique and specially developed YR fragrance that is both gender neutral and anti-allergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Many of the products contain high-tech substances that have been developed in collaboration with prominent researchers in skin care.


The products’ gentle but effective composition is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Therapeutic dose

The products are effective as they contain recommended levels of active ingredients that have a documented effect.


The products are based on vegetable oils and plant extracts and follow the organic/ecological development.

Without mineral oils

All our skin care products are formulated without mineral oils, such as petroleum jelly and paraffin.

Without parabens

The products are free of the preservative type parabens.

Without alcohol

The products are free of alcohol such as ethanol.

Swedish manufacturing

We have full control over the manufacturing methods through close collaboration with our chemist Lena Hällstig, our Swedish producers and laboratories. We can therefore guarantee the absolute highest quality along the entire production chain from A to Z. We know personally most of the people who work with our products and we are sure that they do it with the respect expected of them. By manufacturing all our products in Sweden, we reduce transport and other non-sustainable factors in the manufacturing process.


We use our slogan “Beauty of nature” with pride. Yvonne Ryding won the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant solely on her own merits and her beauty, long before plastic surgery and botox were commonplace. Her experiences after the explosive attention she received as Miss Universe as well as her global travels led to deep insights about taking care of skin, body and soul the natural way.

Yvonne’s experiences from these years have been important inputs in the design of our product lines. We have learned that it is best if the products we use are as honest, simple and natural as possible. The combination of natural ingredients and high-tech active ingredients has proven to withstand short-lived trends and build a reliable base for long-term treatment.

Active ingredients

We do not compromise when choosing the right active ingredients. They contribute to enriching our products with a positive biological development for human skin. Modern research shows, for example, that antioxidants can stimulate the formation of new cells in the skin. Since blueberries contain high doses of antioxidants, it is natural for us to choose them, rather than cheaper, chemically produced alternatives.

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