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Anti-age Moisturizer

Duo Action Gel

Multi Lift Facial Serum

For: All skin types.
Organic: The product contains 95% organic/natural ingredients.

A face serum for those who want a real “moisture boost” that helps the skin minimize lines. The serum contains both a range of active high-tech ingredients and natural extracts from juniper shoots and dogwood. Both juniper shoots and dogwood also have anti-aging properties due to moisture. The serum is best used under a face cream.

Do you want fast, fresh results for the next day, a regimen you do in the evening and takes care of itself overnight. First use Face Peeling/Mask after cleaning the face with Cleansing Lotion etc., make small circular movements all over the face and try to divide the face so as not to miss any part. Let the Peeling/Mask sit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse your face and wipe off excess water. Then spray with Lemon Facial Water let sink in and then finish with Multi-Lift Facial Serum all over the face. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up with fresh and naturally glowing skin ready to face the day.

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